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Pregnant Chihuahua Gives Birth To Record Litter!

If you are a parent, I bet you find that having these precious bundles of joy can be a handful right? Imagine how it must be for this tiny chihuahua super mama who broke a World Record in The Guinness Book of Records after giving birth to 10, yes 10 puppies.

CoCo also left her owners Dawn and Bill Slater from Cumbria astounded as they were told to expect around five puppies and instead they got twice this number. The largest dog litter on record is 24, however CoCo's awesome delivery was able to create a standalone category for Chihuahuas.



(Source - Cater News)

After the first five pups were delivered, One by One more pups came popping out. Bill, 52, explained: ''When she had the fifth we thought that was it and so for a while we started to relax".Then when pup number 6, then 7 emerged - “This is just impossible,” Bill thought. “When on earth is it going to stop?. We began making sure all the babies warm and comfortable. But then she started giving birth again. ”

Dawn and Bill spent many sleepless nights tending to the pups as CoCo only had 8 teats to feed her babies. ''When we got to the ninth pup he wasn't well, his bag had burst and we were trying to revive him''


(Source - Cater News)

The Slaters have 4 pet Chihuahuas - the others are called Benji, Bambi and Princess. They had made the decision to let Coco breed with Benji, keeping Bambi and Princess out of his way while they were in season.